Thank Cod


Everyone loves Friday. And though we certainly believe you shouldn't try to fix what ain't broke, you can certainly take a good thing and make it way, way better.

Enter Taco Mayo's exclusive Fish Friday. Each and every Friday, you can get your fill of made-to-order $3 fish tacos AND fish and locos. These aren't the typical, pre-made, frozen filets of mystery the other guys try to pawn off on you. This is Taco Mayo, after all, where fresh is the name of the game. So we take the best, tender filets of wild Pacific cod, hand-bread it with our special panko crust, and fry it up 'til it's golden, hot and crispy.

Fish Taco

From there, you can make it a fish taco - topped with freshly prepared chipotle lime slaw and pico de gallo, all swaddled in one of our famous fresh-made tortillas – or get it with a heaping helping of our famous Potato Locos and a side of special-recipe jalapeño tartar sauce.

Fish Taco Copy
Fish Loco Plate
Fish Loco Plate Copy